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The Philippines, an archipelago of 7,107 islands and islets, is a country of diverse natural resources and a rich historical and cultural heritage. Although numerous presentation on the Philippines have been presented, there still are many ways of presenting the country's multi-faceted wealth making use of the latest technology available.

Philippine 360   is a project that envisions to do a documentary virtual reality tour depicting the Philippine Islands from an "all around" point of view. The virtual reality tour will illustrate the country from Batanes to Sibutu of it's people, it's culture, it's geographical, ecological, industrial, historical, commercial and agricultural scenes in full color. Thus, the virtual reality tour will be taken from a viewpoint in which it has not been presented before, that is, in the virtual reality world.


1. To instill environmental awareness and ecological consciousness;
2. To produce a unique promotional material for tourism marketing, investment promotions, diplomatic relations, history and education, etc.;
3. To create and preserve a visual documentary of the Philippine Republic at the turn of the new presidential mandate, as a legacy to the Filipino people;
4. To promote 360 photography as an art and at the same time present and promote the Philippine archipelago locally and internationally thru cyberspace's virtural reality.






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